Best Dubstep Songs According to Jenna

"cinema" skrillex remix  "under the sheets" jakwob remixes ellie goulding "headbanga" excision & downlink "ghosts n stuff" nero remixes deadmau5

I don't like house music. It annoys me. Well the beat annoys me. Sometimes if the house music is pretty enough I like it. I like dubstep because the bass kind of shakes my body and feels good. 

I like these four dubstep songs a lot. 


“Cinema” Skrillex Remix

I like Skrillex. People think he's cheesy, and I get that. But his music is really exciting.

I saw him at an electronic festival just now and he told us to dedicate "Cinema," to the aliens. So we put our lighters and glow sticks in the air and sang I guess to the aliens, which is awesome when 20,000 people are on molly. 

This song is so romantic and I love it. The lyrics are sentimental but the bass is hard and masculine. Really cool. Skrillex remixed this track by Benny Benassi. He is a house DJ and the original is boring.

Skrillex is dating Ellie Goulding. Or at least the internet told me that. I hope so.

“Under the Sheets” Ellie Goulding 

Remix by Jakwob

I listened to this Jakwob remix a lot when I was pregnant and the biggest thing I remember about this song was going dancing New Year's Eve with my friend Katie and dancing to this song and thinking about how I couldn't drink for a really long time. 

It was at a dive in the Tenderloin in San Francisco and this song came on and I danced awkwardly because dubstep is kind of hard to dance to. Here are some pictures of Katie since she is so beautiful. 

“Headbanga” by Excision & Downlink
 At that CounterPoint rave there were two tents in the back for dubstep and a bunch of Pretty Lights artists. The best one for me who played was Excision. It was really sweaty and crazy in there.

So I guess a lot of metal heads go to dubstep, according to this guy I met at that rave. So that would make sense about this "headbanger" song being such a big deal.  

The part "I'm a fucking headbanger" is from a Busta Rhymes song where he is using the phrase to playfully change its meaning to describe shooting someone in the head. 

Yeah it's a good song. 

 “Ghosts n Stuff” by Deadmau5 // Nero Remix

“It’s been so long, I’ve been out of my body with you/
I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true…”
These lyrics could be sad, or not, just like raving. Being high on molly rules. Coming down off it sucks! And the sound of bass and the frequency releases dopamine into your body. 

Also the feelings you might have for someone at a party but it just goes away when you try to hang out afterwards.

This remix by Nero has a little bit of that comedown feeling.

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