nicolas jaar "bluewave edits" ep

beautiful. described as "minimal techno." missy elliott's "work it" is slowed down, stripped down and date rape drugged. early 2000's commercial hip hop reminds me of the pink velour track suit i used to wear all the time during my freshmen year of college. jennifer lopez and ja rule. i appreciate this chance to enjoy missy elliott again. minimal techno... i guess that is referring to the general sparseness. released by wolf + lamb.

songs are

1. "work it" (missy elliott)
2. "hey boy" (the blow)
3. "what my last girl put me through" (mike and the sensations).

Nico's Bluewave edits by Clown & Sunset

grimes "oblivion"

grimessexy and off-kilter. grimes is a montreal artist named claire boucher. this song, 'oblivion,' is from the album 'visions.'

off-kilter is a good word. it reminds me of something my friend ethan young told me once: "artistic style and personality are the results of flaws."

like: gang gang dance

m83 'midnight city'

these motherfuckers have been so consistently good for so long.


errors 'earthscore'

this band is scottish, which is funny bc when i heard this song i immediately thought of 'braveheart.'

Earthscore by Rock Action Records. Uploaded with Scup

ema (formerly gowns) 'marked'

these drugs they are making me so sad

my arms, they are a see-through plastic
arms are a secret bloodless skinless mess
my arms, they are a see-through plastic
they are a bloodless plastic, skinless plastic
my arms, they are a see-through plastic
they are plastic

don't you know that i will never hurt you
you're such a pretty thing

i know i wish sometimes just so i could explain things, explain things
i wish that every time he touched me left a mark
i wish that every time he touched me left a mark
i wish that every time he touched me left a mark
i wish that every time he touched me left a mark

i fell down in the dark
won't you start again from way back
i almost threw up on the spot
when you showed up in that spot
i almost threw up on the spot
i want just to get out, get out

i wish i had another hope to get it out
these drugs they are making me so sad
i can't stop, wanna take him with me

this night is making me so sad
if there was a way to get it out, i wanna get it out
if there was a way to get it out, i wanna get it out

sound of arrows 'wonders,' kinda sounds like 'lazy eye.'

weird, this trance song by the sound of arrows reminds me of that silversun pickups song 'lazy eye.'

The Sound Of Arrows - Wonders by WorkItMedia

(found it at disconaivete.)


no conclusion mix #41 by high places

sweet, kind of minimalist mix that high places made for no conclusion.

1. invisible conga people 'can't feel my knees'
2. hype williams 'warlord'
3. k alexi 'shelby'
4. silver apples 'oscillations'
5. MKRNI 'humedad'
6. skinny puppy 'tomorrow'
7. kamasutra 'running'
8. johnny dynell & new york 88 'jam hot'
9. black dice 'cone toaster'
10. seyma 'earthworm'
11. martyn 'miniluv'
12. new order '586'
13. blawan 'bohla'
14. shannon 'give me tonight'
15. augustus pablo 'blacka black dub'
16. lucky dragons 'no reason'                     


m83 'midnight city'

Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.” 

miracle fortress "possession"

Miracle Fortress - Possession from Tim Kelly on Vimeo.

catcall "satellites"

from gorilla vs. bear.

frank ocean 'songs for women'

Frank Ocean - Songs For Women - 2011found onHip-Hop

crystal castles x robert smith (the cure) NOT IN LOVE


2:14 am

it is 2:14 am.
i want a drink.
we got nuthin in the house
ive been sober, i don't want to be
you call me on the phone

i want you to talk to me
you say
were you sleeping
when you call you are three shots in
i need something
it is heavy on me
i am 26 and have nothing
i will be 36 and have nothing
i want sweaty hair and no fat,
coddled, harsh a so close hold
it is 2:19 you are sleeping
you are really far away
to say i would throw away everything when i already have
isn't much
but is what i have,
i will
i want to be a farmer
i want liquid colors, sun and small bugs in my clothing
you can only play jazz when it is quiet enough
i want one hot shot of whiskey in my throat
to go down into my stomach and remind me of
what it is like
to sleep beside someone who mixes up into dreams
splattered sepia tones
to be like that so hard tones
here is how: sleep until you can't anymore and then,
when you wake up, get high go back to sleep and then then,
when you wake up that time, lift your pen,
it might be ready,
it probably won't.


pictureplane 'trancegender' from thee physical.

"Class, race, sexuality, gender and all other categories by which we categorize and dismiss each other need to be excavated from the inside."

-Dorothy Allison


burial x massive attack 'four walls.'

"The end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness." 

-Edward Gibbon