Are the Foo Fighters Bad? Part 2

I received this response from my friend Luke Thornton in response to my, let's call it dilettante posturing about whether The Foo Fighters are bad

Luke said,

I like the Foo Fighters. Have so for decades. You are obliged to feel superior now. But you raise an interesting point on liking music based purely on nostalgia and I would agree it's probably why certain people like certain bands or albums.


Are the Foo Fighters Bad?

Whenever a question seems hard to answer, it is usually because there is no answer. The question itself is wrong. Like this: is casual sex bad? The answer is probably something like, depends on what you mean by sex, what you mean by wrong, what you mean by casual, and what you mean by is. Then even after you define all that...the answer will not answer the question. It will just be a choice, like picking an outfit, and you will maybe want to pick a different outfit based on who is seeing it, your mood for the day...

And there is this question that keeps surfacing, that is like this: destined for a convoluted answer that succeeds supremely in its failure to provide an answer:

Are The Foo Fighters bad?